Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence prevention is a very critical issue. And it is widely agreed upon that many commonsense actions can and should be taken. Shootings are such a regular occurrence that we cannot afford to wait. We need to have this debate now and take the precautions and legislative steps necessary to prevent future tragedies from occurring. 

This issue is very near to my heart. I taught high school chemistry in an area in which students were able to get their hands on guns because they were ever-present in the community. Additionally, one of my husband’s cousins was one of the EMTs after the Sandy Hook tragedy; his story rings in my mind every time there is another senseless tragedy. 

I support the Second Amendment and responsible gun ownership, but I also believe we must take commonsense steps to reduce gun violence. Enough is enough. We must act. First, we need to allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research these issues so that we can use data to inform our decisions. I cannot understand how the gun lobby has persuaded Congress to ban the CDC from pursuing this basic research.

We also need to pursue some commonsense safety measures — measures that the majority of Pennsylvania families support. These steps include closing the gun show loophole, renewing the Federal Assault Weapons Ban and restrictions on high-capacity firearm magazines, and universal criminal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of felons and domestic abusers.