message from chrissy

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I cannot stand quietly aside and watch President Trump misrepresent our values, while he enriches himself, his relatives and wealthy friends, and diminishes opportunity for everyone else.  All of us—residents of the 6th District, Pennsylvanians, all Americans—deserve and need better than this.

I grew up a product of the American Dream.  Mine is a story that could only happen in America.  My father is a Holocaust survivor who came here with his widowed mother when he was a child, and later served as a captain in the U.S. Navy. Because of his Navy service, I grew up in half a dozen states and attended twice that many schools.  Despite all that turbulence, my parents always emphasized education and the opportunities a good education could provide.

Thanks to the opportunities and values they provided me, I was able to attend college on an ROTC scholarship and have since had a career that included service in the U.S. Air Force, growing and running three small businesses, and working as an educator. My husband, Bart, and I have also raised two fiercely independent young women.

Unfortunately, I fear the American Dream that I benefited from is in danger. Many Pennsylvania families are working harder and struggling to get ahead, while career politicians seem to have lost interest in their constituents’ lives, in creating real jobs, in affordable healthcare, and in educating our young people.  They have lost interest in responsible representation altogether.

We have seen dysfunction in Washington during these first months of the Trump Administration, including passing a health care bill that raises premiums and taxes even higher.   Moreover, through incendiary word and irresponsible deed, the Administration is confusing allies, encouraging adversaries, and upsetting international stability and the world marketplace.  It is also moving aggressively to reverse sound environmental protection programs, and is even threatening our national park system.  I’m especially troubled by the fact that our district’s representative in Congress, Ryan Costello, is contributing to this destruction.  He has supported and advanced this Administration’s dangerous policies either through his direct action and votes or by his silence. We have learned since January how terribly damaging and destructive a Trump administration paired to a complicit Congress can be.  

I’ve raised a family in this district and know that these are not our values. We need to stand up and speak out against actions that threaten our core beliefs and priorities. We owe this to our children and to future generations so that they may realize their potential and change the world for the better.

I never thought I would run for elected office, but service does not stop when you leave the Armed Forces.  That is why I am running for Congress and ask for your support.