Boston Globe, 5/28/17 - Dems try to enlist military vets in fight for House majority

By Bill Barrow, Associated Press

ATLANTA — Democrats hope to enlist military veterans in another type of fight — for majority control of the House. Looking ahead to next year’s elections, Democrats are trying to recruit at least two dozen military veterans to challenge Republican incumbents, arguing that candidates with military experience appeal to independent voters and can help the party break the GOP grip on Washington.

‘‘Veterans have had the experience of putting the country first, before personal politics’’ and party dictates, said Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat from Massachusetts, who did four tours of duty in Iraq, left the Marines as a captain and was elected to Congress in 2014.

That tends ‘‘to attract the kind of independent voters who are looking for a good leader,’’ Moulton added.

Several veterans already have announced their bids in some of the 79 Republican-held House districts that national Democratic Party leaders have identified as top targets.

Campaign Staff