RELEASE, 4/26/17 - Houlahan calls on Ryan Costello to Disavow Dangerous Healthcare Bill


DEVON, PA - This morning, veteran, small business executive and educator Chrissy Houlahan called on Republican Representative Ryan Costello to disavow the GOP amendment that exempts members of Congress from their dangerous healthcare plan.

"I am deeply disturbed by the recent Republican efforts to gut the healthcare system which would result in less coverage and higher costs for thousands of Pennsylvania residents," said Houlahan. "Under this plan, states can choose to end critical health benefits and allow insurance companies to charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions.”

"This bill is so cruel that the House Republicans introduced an amendment to exempt themselves from this plan. While thousands of families will lose coverage, the Republican Party is trying to ensure they can keep their top of the line, affordable healthcare. Pennsylvania residents deserve better, and I am calling on Representative Ryan Costello to immediately disavow this disastrous bill. We need a representative who will fight for our district's families, not someone who serves as a rubber stamp to this Administration's dangerous policies and that is why I am running for Congress."

Chrissy Houlahan is running for Congress in Pennsylvania's 6th Congressional District. For more information on Chrissy Houlahan, visit her website at, follow her on Twitter at @houlahanforpa, or follow her on Facebook at


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