Immigration Reform

My father was a 5 year old refugee when this country welcomed him. He was a Hidden Child in war-torn Poland – sheltered by a family through the course of the war. Thankfully he survived, as did his mother, and they came here as many do in search of safety and the American Dream. 

My dad came here with seemingly nothing to offer. He became a highly decorated veteran, serving our country with honor for a quarter century. One generation later, I am running for Congress – a testament to the power of the promise we make to each other in this great land of opportunity. I am committed to ensuring that this promise and Dream remain intact for generations to come.

Congress needs to come together and provide protections and a path to citizenship for the roughly 1.8 million undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children, many of whom contribute to our economy, play by the rules and in some cases they serve us proudly in the military. These young people need a place in our country. We have promised them this, and we keep our promises. 

There is no question that our immigration system is broken, and we must strengthen our borders. Immigration reform is possible and necessary, and if done properly, can result in growing our economy, reducing our national debt, and strengthening our communities. 

Our nation’s immigration system is in clear need of improvement, but the only viable solution is a comprehensive, bipartisan approach rather than playing politics. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to move this important agenda forward.