Ensuring Quality, Affordable Healthcare for all Pennsylvanians

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, not something reserved for the wealthy or for those who don’t need it.  Such access can only come from an insurance system in which we all participate, sharing coverage, risks, and costs.

As COO of And1 Basketball, I ensured our employees had great healthcare benefits. We paid more than 80% of all healthcare costs for all our staff.

Rather than responsibly repairing the Affordable Care Act’s deficiencies, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have assaulted the Act itself, throwing an estimated 24 million people off their insurance, making deep cuts to Medicaid, and allowing states to encourage insurers to deny people with pre-existing conditions.  Their callous maneuver guarantees a catastrophe in care, threatening Pennsylvanians’ health, and pushing them away from family physicians and back on emergency room lines.

Instead of rationing healthcare to only the rich, Congress should be working to expand access to it, and to control costs through legislation that insists on the incorporation of sound competitive practices into the businesses of drug development and distribution, and hospital management.