Protecting Our Environment and Combating Climate Change

Informed scientists agree: climate change is real.  So also is its threat to our home on this planet if we don’t manage to arrest and eventually reverse the processes that are heating our world, changing its weather, raising sea levels, accelerating desertification, and threatening traditional agriculture. 

Tragically, the Trump Administration has repeatedly called climate change a “hoax.”  It has also appointed deniers and skeptics to key oversight positions, moved to slash research budgets and reduce program funding, and otherwise attacked key domestic environmental programs.  Trump has pulled out of the Paris Agreement, not only giving up our leadership of this vital global effort, but also denying it the benefit of American science and expertise.  All this in the service of special interests.

As one of the original team that created B Corporations (Benefit Corporations), I know the importance of building businesses, a supportive government and a larger economy that honors our environment and that encourages sustainable practices. In Congress, I will be a champion for our environment and will work to combat the threat of climate change and the assault on truth and data.