Growing Our Economy

Jobs come from a healthy, modern economy, not from one built behind barriers to growth, or upon special provisions installed for the private benefit of the ten percent… or the one percent.

In Congress, my first priority will be to construct and advance programs that improve economic security for Pennsylvania families.  We need to build a 21st century economy, one where people can work hard and share in prosperity, not envy it.  Having been the chief operating officer of two Southeastern Pennsylvania businesses, I helped bring hundreds of jobs to our region. I know that a good relationship between government and business can spur and support job creation and job security.

We need leaders in Congress with real world experience, representatives who will work to create a prosperous future in which we all can share, while providing up to date training and support for Pennsylvanians whose jobs are gone or going.

Furthermore, we must also ensure that businesses pay a living wage, that equal work gets equal pay, and that the workplace respects the dignity of its employees.